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Master of Science (ISE)


The Master of Science (Industrial and Systems Engineering) programme is designed to provide graduate level education to prepare individuals for a lifelong career addressing critical engineering and managerial decision making, in the manufacturing and service sectors. The programme also offers three optional specialization which is Service Systems, Project Management and Operation Research.

The M.Sc. (ISE) programme has been running since the 1970's and has produced hundreds of quality graduates. Our distinguished alumni have attained high-ranking positions in both the private and public sectors.


Students admitted to this programme are expected to have at least a good bachelor's degree with honors in Engineering, Science, or a related discipline. It is conducted on both part-time and full-time basis. Candidates applying for the programme should preferably have had a period of relevant industrial experience after obtaining their first degrees.

The above are minimum requirements and do not guarantee admission. Selection of students is on a competitive basis.

Academic Requirements

The M.Sc. (ISE) degree requires the completion of 40 modular credits (MCs) in coursework with a minimum cumulative average point (CAP) of 3.0 as follows:

  1. 16 MCs from list of foundation modules: IE5001 Operations Planning and Control I, IE5002 Applied Engineering Statistics, IE5003 Cost Analysis and Engineering Economy and IE5004 Engineering Probability and Simulation.
  2. New students will have to take CORE compulsory module for the first two semester.
    The department will pre-allocated the CORE module for them in the first two semester.
  3. The remaining 24 MCs can be obtained from both the list of ISE elective modules.

Subject to the approval of the Programme Manager for M.Sc. (ISE), students may be allowed to take up to 8 MCs outside the prescribed curriculum, in lieu of the required modules to complete the M.Sc. degree.

All graduate modules comprise 39 hours of lecture and are assigned 4 MCs, unless otherwise stated. Lectures are conducted typically on weekdays from 6pm to 9pm. The minimum-maximum candidature for full-time study is one-two years whereas part-time study is two-four years.

Areas of Specialization

Students may opt for either a general programme of study, or a programme with specialization.

AOS offered with effect from Aug 2015

Tuition Fees

While pursuing studies in NUS, students are liable to pay the tuition fees. The amount payable may depend on the nationality as well as whether applicant have previously enjoyed a Singapore government subsidy or sponsorship by a government agency. Fees for each academic years are subject to review by the Ministry of Education.

Unless otherwise indicated, all fees are payable on a semester basis. All students reading modules at NUS are required to pay Miscellaneous Student Fees too.


The M.Sc. (ISE) programme has two admission intakes per academic year.
August intake:   Application will open approximately in January
January intake: Application will open approximately in July

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For enquiries regarding the Master of Science (Industrial and Systems Engineering) programme, send us an email at

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