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Master of Science (MOT)


The purpose of the Master of Science in Management of Technology (MOT) degree programme is to train scientists/engineers who wish to receive formal management education for their work in engineering, manufacturing or research and development. The traditional Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme is generally too broad to serve this need. The need for training at the postgraduate level in Management of Technology (MOT) has been recognized by top universities in the world with MIT being the first to offer the M.Sc. in MOT in the US in 1981.

Since then, other leading US universities with strong Engineering and Business Schools like Georgia Tech and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have developed M.Sc. or Executive M.Sc. programmes in MOT. Stanford University has a similar M.Sc. in Management Science and Engineering programme, while UC-Berkeley has a Certificate programme in MOT. It is interesting to note that Japan has published a guide to MOT in 2003 which highlighted the need for MOT training given Japan 's higher concentration of manufacturing sector compared to US; it has estimated a demand of 10,000 MOT specialists annually.

MOT is a multidisciplinary field which interconnects the science, engineering and business management fields. It is called by different titles in different universities such as technology management, engineering management, engineering and technology management, management and systems, etc.

M.Sc. (MOT) is a supported course under SkillsFuture Study Awards for the following sectors: Advanced Manufacturing Sector and Marine and Offshore Sector.


For admission as a candidate for the degree of Master of Science (MOT), a person must have completed at least a Bachelor's Degree in science, computing or engineering with 2nd Class Honours or its equivalent from a university with recognized standing. Candidates with relevant working experience are considered favorably.

The above are minimum requirements and do not guarantee admission. Selection of students is on a competitive basis.

Academic Requirements

The M.Sc. (MOT) degree requires the completion of 40 modular credits (MCs) in coursework with a minimum cumulative average point (CAP) of 3.0 as follows:

  1. At least 16 MCs from list of core modules: MT5001 IP Management, MT5002 Management of Industrial R&D, MT5003 Creativity and Innovation, MT5007 Management of Technological Innovation, MT5011 Engineering Business Finance Fundamentals, MT5012 Marketing of Hi-Tech Products & Innovations, SDM5004 Systems Engineering Project Management.
  2. The remaining 24 MCs can be obtained from both the list of core and elective modules.

Subject to the approval of the Programme Manager for M.Sc. (MOT), students may be allowed to take up to 8 MCs outside the prescribed curriculum, in lieu of the required modules to complete the M.Sc. degree.

All graduate modules comprise 39 hours of lecture and are assigned 4 MCs, unless otherwise stated. Lectures are conducted typically on weekdays from 6pm to 9pm. The minimum-maximum candidature for full-time study is one-two years whereas part-time study is two-four years.

Areas Of Speciaization

Students may opt for either a general programme of study, or a programme with specialization.

AOS offered with effect from Aug 2014

Tuition Fees

While pursuing studies in NUS, students are liable to pay the tuition fees. The amount payable may depend on the nationality as well as whether applicant have previously enjoyed a Singapore government subsidy or sponsorship by a government agency. Fees for each academic years are subject to review by the Ministry of Education.

Unless otherwise indicated, all fees are payable on a semester basis. All students reading modules at NUS are required to pay Miscellaneous Student Fees too.


The M.Sc. (MOT) programme has one admission intake per academic year.

August intake:              Application will open approximately in January
January intake:            Not available

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