This is an opportunity to join the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the National University of Singapore (NUS) as a Research Fellow. The successful candidate will join a team composed of researchers from NUS, as well as Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) as part of a project funded by the National Research Foundation under the Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE) framework.



This project focuses on the theme of sustainable solutions for coupled problems targeted at already-stressed megacities. The project aims to develop a platform to facilitate the understanding, design and implementation of sustainable solutions for coupled problems in future cities, starting with two sites of different sizes and complexities, in this case a megacity like Shanghai and a land-scarce city like Singapore. It aims to develop capabilities needed in solving coupled problems characteristic of complex city systems, including sensing, modeling, data mining, systems modeling, carefully designed test bedding systems and adaption, and scalability of coupled solutions to a variety of environments. This will then allow how to adapt solutions to other cities with different complexities and sizes based on calibrated modeling and test-bedding. In particular, the candidate will join the team focusing on developing mission-oriented system models for these coupled problems in megacity sustainability based on calibration and evaluation of data from test bedding, so as to build an ability to extrapolate to other cities.


Position Details

Salary is competitive with North American and European standards, and is commensurate with the candidate’s qualification and experience.



  • PhD or Master’s degree in an Engineering discipline (e.g. Civil, Industrial, Mechanical, Operations Research, Systems), or other relevant discipline like Computer Science
  • Good research background; strong analytical and operations research skills are a plus
  • Good scientific writing skills (English)
  • Good experience with Matlab, C-related language (C++, C#), or other relevant programming language is required
  • Experience in development of advanced algorithm is a plus
  • Experience with CPLEX is a plus
  • Good communication skills (RF could be involved in interactions with private companies and Singaporean governmental agencies), ability for efficient interaction with researchers of different backgrounds working in different research domains in relation to the project
  • Project management skills will be in plus


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(Released on: May 8, 2017)